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Top-notch CDN with 300+ PoPs

With RabbitLoader, you get world's best Content Delivery Network (CDN) with over 300+ locations distributed in 47 countries around the globe. CDN helps your Website to load faster, and improves visitor's experience in terms of your content delivery. Which helps your website to lower the bounce rate.


10x Lower Latency

Our premium CDN service has 300+ Points of Presence (PoPs). Since these PoPs are distributed all over the world, global visitors to a website would get directed to the nearest PoP to them, rather than having to travel back to the origin server. This reduces the time it takes for content like heavy images, JavaScript files, Font files to travel between locations and reach visitor's browser.


Save Hosting Resources

RabbitLoader is simply using CDN cache to serve your website to the visitors. When a person visits your website, the data center saves a version of your website. Which is later used for loading the website in the near future from same geography.

It is used in almost all big websites these days, and has the potential of serving upto 70% of the requests.

Automatic Purge

Automatic Change Detection

When you update your website, like changing a theme or editing a post will be automatically detected by our algorithms and quickly propagates through the CDN network without you doing anything manually. It allows your visitors to see the updated content without any delay.


Effective and Fast Compression

For text content payload, such as JavaScript and CSS files, we use brotli compression which is developed by Google and is the best currently available general-purpose compression methods. Images are compressed using WebP algorithm on the fly and cached at several edge serves to avoid duplicate encoding.

FAQ related to our Integrated CDN

PoP is Points of Presence. It indicates the number of unique locations having CDN servers where your content is cached. The higher the number of PoP, the lower latency a visitors will observe.

Our standard CDN services are seamlessly integrated with all paid plans and no additional configuration is required. At the time of checkout, you can choose to upgrade to premium CDN tier if you want for your website.

We have two CDN tiering- standard and premium.

Premium CDN has guaranteed 300+ PoPs worldwide and best suitable for websites requiring extremely low latency at extremely high throughput. A product/service/SaaS websites can use this to delight visitors experience. The latency can be in the range of 10-150 ms.

Standard CDN utilizes a subset of premium CDN hops to give balanced performance and budget friendly. For most websites, like blog, news, e-commerce etc standard CDN is sufficient as it is cost effective and your visitors will feel a signification difference even with standard CDN. The latency can be in the range of 50-300 ms.

300+ Premium CDN servers are located in 90+ cities of 47 different countries- 102 PoPs in Europe, 94 in North America, 78 in Asia, 11 in Australia & New Zealand, 10 in South America, 5 in Middle East, 4 in China and 3 in Africa. Standard CDN edge cache servers utilizes a subset of edge cache servers evenly distributed across all continents and countries.

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