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With RabbitLoader partner program, we value your contribution in spreading the world and enabling everyone to run a faster website.

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Join the partner program and earn for your efforts you put in spreading the words.

The first step is to Create an Account and join our partner program.

Get your partner link and share it with your audience on digitals platforms.

Earn commission for 18th months and get paid when you wish to.

Profit Sharing

20% commission on invoice

We value your hard work and efforts you put in. We are happy to share 20% of the final invoice amount with you for the purchase made by your referred customers.

Revenue Stream

18 months long revenue sharing

We are happy to share our profit with you for long enough to make a good income for you. You receive a commission for invoices paid by your referral for the eligible subscriptions for 18 months.

Lock-in Time

30 days attribution

We understand customers may take time to purchase. We give you the credit even if a customer first choose the free plan but later makes a purchase within 30 days.

FAQ for the Partner Program

The RabbitLoader partner Program allows you to earn commission when a new customer referred by you pays us. Joining the program enables you to establish a passive income source and continue creating new revenue opportunities.

If you are a blogger, content publisher, influencer on digital platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, web developer or designer handing multiple clients, a web educator, you can join our partner program.

Your partner link is unique. When someone visit our website with the link, we store and track your unique code for 30 days. Within 30 days, if the person makes a purchase, we give the credit to you.

You can share your partner link within the content you produce. Based on what describes you the best, you can utilize one or more channel such as a blog post if you are a blogger or content writer, include it in the video if you are a video content creator. Running paid ad campaigns are strictly prohibited to promote partner sales.

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