Speedup Laravel Websites

RabbitLoader can be used to improve PageSpeed Insights and core web vitals for any Laravel website. This feature is currently in Beta phase.

Get Started

In 3 Simple Steps

Laravel websites can easily be speedup and boost Core Web Vitals health and achieve higher PageSpeed Insights with overall loading improvements.

Install RabbitLoader Package using Composer package manager. It is same as installing any standard Composer package.

In the .env file, add a license key. You can get the license key from Console's My Websites page when you add a new website.

Update package config to control behavior of your website's static pages and admin panel and monitor your Core Web Vitals score improving.

How can RabbitLoader help speedup Laravel websites?

By utilizing RabbitLoader, you can have peace of mind when running any website developed using the Laravel framework. We handle all optimizations for the website, including built-in CDN with JS/CSS compressions, image conversion to next-gen AVIF/WebP formats, lazy loading non-critical assets, and everything necessary for a blazing-fast website.


10x lower latency

Your entire website will be served from our premium CDN service that has 300+ Points of Presence (PoPs). Since these PoPs are distributed all over the world, global visitors to a website would get directed to the nearest PoP to them, rather than having to travel back to the origin server. This reduces the time it takes for content like heavy images, JavaScript files, Font files to travel between locations and reach visitor's browser.

Resource Loading

Critical CSS

Content which appears above the fold are first seen by your visitors before they start scrolling the page.

By generating critical css for every page of your website and lazy loading the images needed to properly render the above the fold content first can boost the loading speed.

Resource Size

Image size & format

Images that are extremely large in size, can consume a lot of time to load and make website loading experience slower.

RabbitLoader uses a number of ways to automatically convert images to Next-Gen formats such as AVIF/WebP, optimize their size and its smart loading.

FAQ for Laravel websites

You can set the paths in the "skipPaths" configuration. Please refer the package configuration section for additional details.

Yes, Laravel websites that are using Cloudflare can use RabbitLoader to achieve security and performance together. Please refer to the recommended settings for best performance when using RabbitLoader along with Cloudflare.

Yes, RabbitLoader works well for shared, dedicated or VPS hosting irrespective of the hosting type and company except your local environment. Additional details available here if you want to try the plugin on pre-production or staging environments.

Laravel website support is in beta phase. Currently it is not recommended to be used for mission-critical websites.

Yes. RabbitLoader Laravel Package is compatible with all popular web servers including Apache and Nginx web servers.

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