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Our WP plugin, compatible with WooCommerce gives our users power to optimise their e-commerce or blog website to perform better without any technical knowledge.

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In 3 Simple Steps

WordPress website owners can speed up their websites and boost Core Web Vitals health in less than a minute setup time without any technical knowledge.

Install our free WordPress plugin from your website's admin panel. It is same as installing any standard WordPress plugin.

On the Plugin page, login/signup with your RabbitLoader account. You can choose existing platforms to connect really quickly.

Let the Rabbit do the magic. You can go through the crash course and monitor your Core Web Vitals score improving.

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Compatible with Plugins and Hosting you Love

RabbitLoader is compatible with most popular plugins and hosting services. Below is the collection of recommended settings for some of the plugins, platforms and services for best performance with RabbitLoader.

Plugin Compatibility

RabbitLoader is compatible with all popular WordPress plugins. The recommendation below contains only those plugin's details for which additional settings need to be adjusted.

Plugin Settings
Hosting Services

RabbitLoader is compatible with all popular hosting services. The recommendation below contains only those service details for which additional settings need to be adjusted.

Hosting Settings

How can RabbitLoader help speedup WordPress websites?

By using RabbitLoader you would have the piece of mind in using any wordpress theme, plugin, or any other combination of them. Without hampering the performance of your loading time.


Wordpress Theme Size

The theme you choose for your wordpress page, is extremely important for keeping a well managed website. But such exorbitant themes take much longer to load than you've anticipated.

The pages with long and fancy themes, usually take more than 7 or 8 seconds to load completely. This can be reduced to less than a second with RabbitLoader.

Resource Size

Image size

Images that are extremely large in size, can consume a lot of space and data. Images that are already bigger in size, and have been reduced to fit the website takes unnecessary time to load. Such images cost you for bandwidth overage, and also further contribute in making the website even slower.

RabbitLoader uses a number of ways to automatically optimize size of image and its loading.


Plugins performance

Some plugins consume a lot of resources in terms of size and JavaScript execution and make your website slower. But they might be integral to your theme; so removing such isn't an option.

Our algorithms are designed to minimize the impact of such plugins and still load your WordPress website faster.

FAQ for WordPress website owners

Yes, RabbitLoader works well for all content categories be it e-commerce, blog, or a fully dynamic page.

Yes, RabbitLoader works well for shared, dedicated or VPS hosting irrespective of the hosting type and company except your local environment. Additional details available here if you want to try the plugin on pre-production or staging environments.

RabbitLoader makes sure that your Google PageSpeed Insights score is always 100 out of 100.
We improve FCP by removing render-blocking CSS and JS, reduce server response times, keep request counts low by deferring off screen payload such as non-visible images.
RabbitLoader can help reducing the FID time by reducing the main thread work and allowing the browser to respond to user actions typically within 50 milliseconds.
We ensure the LCP element and styles needed are loaded as soon as possible and Render-blocking JS/CSS are deferred so LCP can render typically within 2.5 seconds.
You can also choose to automatically convert existing images from JPEG/PNG to WebP format.

Due to the nature of WordPress platform, only one caching plugin can be active at one time. Hence other caching plugin may need to disabled to get best performance when you activate RabbitLoader. You may continue to use existing CDN services if you wish to. But we recommend using in-built premium CDN service for best results.

Yes, WordPress websites that are using Cloudflare can use RabbitLoader to achieve security and performance together. Please refer to the recommended settings for best performance when using RabbitLoader along with Cloudflare.

After installing and activating RabbitLoader plugin, you need to connect it with our cloud service by clicking on "Connect with RabbitLoader" button on the "Settings" tab of the plugin.
Once connected, it may take a few hours to warmup and optimize all pages of your website. The status are shown on the "Home" tab of the plugin page and RabbitLoader console too.
There could be few things which might be impacting your Speed score. Read our best practice guide.

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