Compatibility with Other Plugins

CURCY – multi currency for WooCommerce

Rabbit Loader is compatible with CURCY – Multi Currency for WooCommerce. The plugin converts WooCommerce product price, coupons, shipping price, taxes to customer-preferred currency. Customers can select the currency on front-end with widget, currencies bar. If you are using the plugin with Rabbit Loader to optimize your WooCommerce store, please make sure you turn […]

Disable the theme's "Pre-loader" animation

Many themes come with “preloader” animation which shows loading-like graphics and prevents content display till all resources on the page have loaded. When “preloader” is good and bad? Showing a preloader animation is good for a normal website where asset loading is set to default and not prioritized in any order. It makes sense to […]

Guidelines for WPBakery Page Builder users

There are some features of the WPBakery page builder that may not give the same experience when using RabbitLoader with it. Here are some known settings – CSS Animation Please choose the ‘none’ option in the CSS Animation option for Row and all other widgets. Click on the Edit icon shown for the element or […]

Settings for Block Visibility plugin

Block Visibility plugin allows website admins to dynamically control the visibility of page/post components such as images, paragraphs, or headings based on pre-defined conditions. The challenge with dynamic visibility Every time a visitor requests a webpage, the dynamic conditions set for the block are evaluated. In short, backend logic execution is required. This contradicts caching […]

Settings for WordPress Divi theme users

Divi theme has many inbuild performance optimization options. While they are very helpful, due to how WordPress is designed, some of these features may conflict with RabbitLoader. Divi theme users are suggested to disable the below options. Navigate to Divi Theme options -> General -> Performance and disable all options on this page. Save the […]

Settings required for Ajax Search Pro users

RabbitLoader is fully compatible with the Ajax Search Pro WordPress plugin. Users need to adjust some settings to make their use effective with our website optimization plugin. CSS and JS loading Under the Compatibility and Other settings, please go to the CSS & JS loading tab and set these values-

Settings required for ThemeFusion (Avada) users

Some themes are based on Fusion builder and require overlapping optimization to be turned off. Please follow the steps if you are using any of these themes. Avada In the left panel of the WordPress admin panel, the second menu should be Avada. Go to Avada -> Options. In the submenu appearing on the left, […]

WOOCS – currency switcher for WooCommerce

Rabbit Loader is compatible with WOOCS – Currency Switcher for the WooCommerce plugin. WOOCS is multi-currency plugin that allows you to add any currency to WooCommerce store. If you are using this plugin along with Rabbit Loader, you need to turn on the caching compatibility mode in WOOCS settings. In the left sidebar, click on […]