Serve Perfect Images for all Screen Sizes

Optimize, convert and cache images for the modern web using AVIF/WebP formats for different device resolutions.

Next-gen Format

Convert to AVIF/WebP

RabbitLoader has built-in image optimizer that converts all legacy PNG and JPEG images to the modern web AVIF and WebP formats on the fly. The next-gen images are served only to the supported browsers with a fallback to the original format for old browsers.

New formats improves the download time by ~39% without compromising the visual quality of the image.

Content Distribution

Automatic Resizing for Screens

We resize and optimize images for each screen size to improve the render time. Serving the image with right dimensions maintains the quality of the image while minimizing the download time and bandwidth consumptions.

Resource Size

Caching with CDN

All optimized images are cached on CDN nodes for faster downloads. Caching images and serving them through CDN greatly improves the latency, specially helpful for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) images on a webpage.

LCP rendering time has direct impact on the PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals health.

Asset Loading

Lazy Loading

Images that are outside the visible viewport and appears later in the page are lazy loaded. Doing so ensures that we are keeping the browser free to render items that are more important and required on the viewport sooner.

This feature is supported in all browser versions.


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