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Fastest Page Rendering

Whether it's 3G, 4G, 5G or high-speed broadband, our smart resource loading algorithm focuses on the fastest page rendering to improve PageSpeed Insights of your WordPress website.

CDN with 300+ PoPs

No matter how far your visitors are from your origin servers, we guarantee the lowest latency time at any corner of the World thanks to our integrated CDN with 300+ PoPs worldwide.

Device Compatibility

Whether it's a powerful desktop or a low-end hand-held device, the tuned algorithm takes care of rendering your beautiful webpage efficiently on any size of CPU and RAM.

Next-Gen WebP Images

We serve assets based on the web browser used by the visitor. On modern browsers, they get next-gen AVIF/WebP format images and on incompatible browsers, it falls back to the best-supported format.

RabbitLoader's Key Focus

We focus on improving the user experience.

We focus on how to improve PageSpeed Insights of your website. Delivering a better experience for your visitors. By loading your website as fast as possible without degrading the user experience, irrespective of the visitor's network, device, location or other factors.

Why Choose RabbitLoader?

We help website owners to stand #1 with the best Google PageSpeed Insights

We help website owners improve PageSpeed Insights of all the pages on the website and not just the homepage. Without any coding knowledge and zero configuration. Our sophisticated page optimization algorithm makes the best use of modern browser features in a multi-dimensional way to boost the Core Web Vitals metrics and PageSpeed Insight score.

Boost PageSpeed Insights Score

Improve Google PageSpeed Insights to 90+ with our optimization techniques and keep track of every canonical URL of your website.

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Improve Core Web Vitals

We improve your website's Core Web Vitals (CWV) by optimizing pages and assets loading which is considered a very strong ranking signal by Google and other search engines.

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Premium CDN with 300+ locations

Website assets can be served 10x faster from integrated premium CDN with 300+ PoPs to load Next-Gen images, minified JavaScript and CSS.

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The perfect solution to boost your visitor's page experience

We transform your website with all modern technology to make it load blazing fast. RabbitLoader is an all-in-one optimization stack to keep the Core Web Vitals healthy and give a good page experience to your valuable visitors.

Hook your visitors within milliseconds

Everything needed for a blazing fast website

Top-notch CDN
With 300+ PoPs worldwide
AVIF/WebP Images
Converts images to Next-gen format
Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript code
Brotli Compression
Compress files sent over network
Lazy Loading
Defer loading of images and videos
Progressive image rendering
Prefetching and Preloading
For modern devices
Page Rules
Have full control over your pages
Full request and response multiplexing
Values We can Add

Improve PageSpeed Insights

Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.

We help you to improve PageSpeed Insights by boosting FCP, FID and CLS timings, hence boosting your website's quality, which in turn results in better ranking.

Resource Loading

Prioritize critical resources

Content which appears above the fold is first seen by your visitors before they start scrolling the page.

The lazy loading of the images and CSS needed to properly render the above-the-fold content first can boost the loading speed. To improve PageSpeed Insights, RabbitLoader speeds up the lazy loading of images.


10x lower latency

Our premium CDN service has 300+ Points of Presence (PoPs). Since these PoPs are distributed all over the world, global visitors to a website would get directed to the nearest PoP to them. Rather than having to travel back to the origin server. This reduces the time it takes for content like heavy images, JavaScript files, and Font files to travel between locations and reach the visitor's browser. To improve PageSpeed Insights RabbitLoader has 10x Lower latency.

Popular CMS

WordPress and WooCommerce PageSpeed plugin

If you are using WordPress or WooCommerce, no need to use 10 different PageSpeed plugins to optimize your website. Those plugins make the website slower and conflict with one another.

RabbitLoader solves the purpose with just a few clicks. Without hiring an expert or a developer.

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Easily optimize Shopify store with RabbitLoader to make the Core Web Vitals healthy, rank higher and enable more sales.

RabbitLoader applies smart resource loading algorithms to load and render the product pages in the fastest way.

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Popular Library

SDK for Laravel

By utilizing RabbitLoader, you can have peace of mind when running any website developed using the Laravel framework.

We handle all optimizations for the Laravel website, including built-in CDN with JS/CSS compressions, image conversion to next-gen AVIF/WebP formats, lazy loading non-critical assets, and everything necessary for a blazing-fast website.

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