3 Reasons why you need the RabbitLoader?

Irrespective of the nature of a website, be it a blog, gallery, portfolio, video, etc. it’s quality matters when it comes to the user experience. And that is the reason, major search engines have started quantifying the experience of websites and consider this as one of the important signals in search engine ranking.

19 seconds is the average time a mobile web page takes to load on a 3G connection

Google DoubleClick blog

RabbitLoader :-

Now let’s look at website owners. Though they come from different backgrounds and businesses, they link their online presence and good ranking in search results with the prospects of growth. However, not every site owner can be a real hero in making themselves aware, understand the various aspects of optimization, and achieve them. If they do not have an in-house team, sometimes it can be extremely tumultuous for them.

It is well known that many small and medium-scale webmasters heavily rely on a bunch of CMS plugins such as WooCommerce over WordPress to fulfill their needs. And as this is evolving further, we see a huge increase in the number and size of assets sent to users. According to a study of MDN, in the last 8-10 years, the median resource weight has increased 400% for desktop sites and a whopping 700% for mobile sites. While average image size has increased 850%.

These problems gave birth to the Rabbit Loader with three primary goals-

  1. RabbitLoader makes sure that your Google PageSpeed Score is always 100 out of 100. We help our users improve and keep track of web vitals quality signals that are essential to delivering a great web experience.
  2. Use of modern technologies to accelerate site loading which at times are not possible at their end to understand and follow effectively. For content like blogs, articles, knowledge-base, etc we bring the page loading times as low as 20 milliseconds.
  3. Mitigation from common infrastructural attacks and other security essentials.

We invite you to analyze your website and compare the improvements we can bring in to increase the page speed score. Feel free to contact us in case of queries.


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