Disable the theme’s “Pre-loader” animation

Many themes come with “preloader” animation which shows loading-like graphics and prevents content display till all resources on the page have loaded.

When “preloader” is good and bad?

Showing a preloader animation is good for a normal website where asset loading is set to default and not prioritized in any order. It makes sense to show a loading animation to visitors till all assets such as CSS/JS/Images are loaded and the webpage becomes interactive.

However, if a website is optimized with Rabbit Loader, the asset loading is prioritized and a few non-essential resources which are used way below towards the end of the webpage can be loaded later. This creates a problem with the “preloader” feature as the preloader animation keeps waiting for everything to be loaded and blocks the view of the entire page.

For this reason, we recommend turning off the preloader animation when using RabbitLoader.

How to disable “preloader”?

Please refer to the theme’s documentation or settings on how to disable the preloader. We will keep adding examples for some popular themes and plugins here.