Compatibility with Hosting

Cloudflare settings for best performance

Cloudflare is a popular web infrastructure and website security service. If you are using Cloudflare, there are a few settings required in order to avoid conflicts and get the best performance. All of the below steps should be configured and reviewed thoroughly for the best performance. Integrate with RabbitLoader Please log in to RabbitLoader Console […]

Settings for Flywheel

WordPress CMS has a specific flag to control the use of persistence caching. In most of the popular hosting services, this flag can be modified by the caching and performance plugins. Opposite to this, Flywheel does not allow a plugin to choose the persistence caching behavior. Our users need to take care of a few […]

Settings required for Imperva (Incapsula)

Imperva is a cyber security software and services company. Many web hosting services or individual website owners use Imperva to protect their servers again attacks and data breach attempts. Earlier Incapsula used to be a separate product that is now part of Imperva. Due to the nature of firewall applications, Incapsula (now Imperva) can block […]