Quick Tips to Fix WordPress Media Library Not Loading

Is your WordPress media library not loading or displaying images properly? Media library issues mostly occur due to usage of incompatible WordPress themes and plugins or improper file permissions.

WordPress Media Library Not Loading,

You can store images, audio, video, and others in the WordPress media library. However, when the all important media library is not not working as it should, it can be very annoying. 

Here, we will discuss the most common causes for this WordPress media library not loading issue and their solutions for this media library issue. 

Why is Your WordPress Media Library Not Loading?

Before fixing this WordPress media library issue, first, we need to break down the reasons for the error. Let’s see why the WordPress media library is not loading or showing you broken images.

Is Your WordPress Updated?

If you are using an outdated or updated WordPress version, your WordPress media library might not load, and may display broken images. Below, we will see how to update the WordPress version.

Wordpress Update

Are You Using the Correct WordPress Plugins?

To optimize your website’s performance, when you end up using too many conflicting plugins, the media library files might not load properly due to their conflicts. 

Wordpress Plugins

Some plugins could also be badly coded, which might cause issues with the media library. 

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for WordPress media not loading.  

Is your WordPress Theme Compatible With Your Media Library?

The issue of not loading images in the WordPress media library can be caused as a result of using an incompatible WordPress theme.  

Wordpress Themes

It can also occur if you are using an outdated WordPress theme, this also be a reason for the media library not loading as it should.

Did You Check File Permission?

Apart from the above issues, if the file permissions in your hosting account are not correct, the WordPress media library might malfunction. 

All WordPress files need permission to operate. This WordPress file permission is used to decide who can read, write, and render the files on your server. 

Due to an incorrect file permission, the scanning and loading of image files may get prevented.  


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Easy Tips to Fix your WordPress Media Library

First, you can try the easy ways to fix this WordPress media library issue before diving into the advanced techniques. Here, we will discuss the easy ways to fix the WordPress media library problem.

Update Your WordPress Version

As discussed earlier, your media library may not load, if you are using an outdated WordPress. To fix this media library issue, you might try updating your WordPress version first. But how do you update your WordPress?

If you are using an outdated WordPress, after logging into your WordPress dashboard, you can see the Please Update Now button. Click that button to update your WordPress.  


Also, you can update your WordPress from the Update section. If any updation is available, you can see from there.

Deactivate Your WordPress Plugin

If the plugins you are using conflict with other plugins or your WordPress theme, this may cause issues with your media library. This might prevent you from loading or displaying the images in your media library. 

To fix this issue, you need to deactivate all plugins by following the below steps:

  • After logging into your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins. Here you can see all your installed plugins. 
  • Select all your installed plugins and click on the deactivate button.
  • Click on apply.

After deactivating all your plugins, if the media library issue is solved, that would mean one of your plugins is the root cause for the media library issues. 

To find the plugin responsible for this issue, activate your plugins one by one & check after activating each plugin, until activating one plugin recreates the issue. And now you have found the plugin responsible for the problem.

Change Your Theme to the Default WordPress Theme

Customized or poorly developed third-party themes can be one of the reasons behind your WordPress media library file issue. This issue can be resolved by switching your theme to the default WordPress theme such as Twenty Twenty-Four

By following the steps below you can easily switch your current theme to a default theme.

  • Login into your WordPress dashboard. Go to the Appearance section and select Themes
  • Here you can see the default WordPress theme, Twenty Twenty-Four. Click on the Activate button.
wordpress default themes

These are the very basic techniques to fix WordPress media library issues. However, if your WordPress image file is still not Loading, then you have to move some advanced techniques.  

Advanced Tips to Fix Your WordPress Media Library Loading Issue

Let’s implement the most advanced techniques to fix your WordPress media library issue. Here we are listing a few advanced tips like:

  • Clear your cache & cookies from the browser.
  • Increase your WordPress PHP memory limit.
  • Correct your file permissions.

Let’s see how to implement these advanced steps easily to fix your WordPress library issue.

Clear Your Cache & Cookies From the Browser

The ultimate goal of using browser cache & cookies is to boost your user experience. However, cache & cookies can also cause media library issues. 

By clearing your browser cache & cookies,it is possible to fix this media library issue. But how do you clear your browser cache & cookies? Let’s assume you are using  Google Chrome, here are the steps to do this.

  1. Go to the three dots in the upper-right side of your Google Chrome.
  1. Click on Clear Browsing Data
WordPress Media Library Not Loading, clear browsing data
  1. Provide a Time range and click on clear data.
WordPress Media Library Not Loading, Clear Search Data from browser

**Note:  Make sure browser history, Cookies and other site data, and cached images and files options are selected.  

Increase Your WordPress PHP Memory Limit

Every WordPress hosting provider allots a default PHP memory limit for WordPress websites. By default, it could be very low, depending on the hosting provider. 

These low PHP limits also can cause the WordPress media library loading issue. 

You can check your PHP memory limit from the site health section on your WordPress admin.

In the WordPress dashboard, go to the Tools section. Select site health. Switch to the info section and click on the server. Then you can see your PHP limits.

Upload folder change permissions, PHP Memory limit

The PHP memory limits should be greater than 256M. To increase your PHP memory limit, you can add a line of code: ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’,’256M’ (here you can change the limit of 256M to a different value according to your website’s needs) to your wp-config.php file from the root directory of the WordPress installation.

Another way, you can add your PHP memory limits to edit your .htaccess file in the root directory. 

If you still face problems increasing your PHP memory limit, it might be a good idea to  contact your WordPress hosting provider.  

Correct Your File Permission

If the WordPress media library file still does not work after trying all the above strategies, then there must be a problem with your file permissions in WordPress hosting. 

WordPress Media Library Not Loading, Upload folder change permissions

According to WordPress recommendations, these permission files can be categorized into two types. 

  • 755 is the permission in which only the website owner can write, read, and render files. This permission is used for all folders and sub-folders
  • 644 should be used for all files as it allows the user to read while the website owner can write and read them. 

To avoid this WordPress media library file issue, ensure the file permission is 644 for the upload folder.

How to Check Your File Permission?

To check your file permission,

  •  First, you need to go to the hosting server’s root directory. 
  • Then, find the ‘wp-content’ folder and open it. 
  • Find and right-click on the upload file and click on the change permissions.
change permission,
  •  Here you can see the current permission & change the file permissions if necessary.

How to Fix the WordPress Grid View not Working Issues?

In the media library grid view, your media files are arranged aesthetically with better access and the ability to quickly edit them. If the grid view is not working it might cause a major annoyance as most of us are very used to it.

To solve the WordPress media grid issue you can implement the common strategies mentioned previously & then move to a more advanced technique. 

  1. The media library grid view issue can be solved by clearing your browser cache and cookies. We already mentioned the steps to clear your browser cache and cookies earlier. 
  1. Deactivate your incompatible plugins that may cause your WordPress grid view not working issue.
  1. Use the default WordPress theme.
  1. Fix the WordPress hosting issues.
  1. After trying these above strategies, if your WordPress grid view is still not working, you might try by disabling the lazy loading feature in your website.

How to Disable Lazy Loading on Your WordPress Website?

To disable lazy loading, go to Appearance. Select the theme file editor. Find your function.php futile and edit the line of code below to disable lazy loading.

Code: add_filter( ‘wp_lazy_loading_enabled’, ‘__return_false’ );

Lazy Loading Enable code, WordPress Media Library Not Loading


Here we covered the 4 most common reasons behind the WordPress media library not loading issue and how to solve it. Apart from the WordPress media library not loading problem, some other media library related issues can come up, such as:

  • WordPress media library shows broken images
  • Image upload issue in the WordPress media library
  • The media library grid view is not working.

By following the above strategies such as fixing WordPress themes and plugins, and solving web hosting issues, you can solve the other issues as well.


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