WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service: Speed Up Your Website With RabbitLoader

A page speed optimization service like RabbitLoader plays a crucial role in increasing your website’s loading speed. RabbitLoader provides a managed service for website speed optimization. 

If you are a website owner without a team of development resources this PageSpeed optimization managed service might just be the right one for you.

The website optimization service covers all aspects of performance optimization, such as image optimization, lazy loading, browser caching, generating critical CSS, deferring JavaScript files, CDN, and other optimization services. 

Pagespeed optimization services

While you might use different plugins for each of those services mentioned above, using a lot of optimization plugins might create conflict on your website. 

However, RabbitLoader takes care of all the aspects of performance optimization required for improving PageSpeed of WordPress, Woo-commerce, Php & Laravel websites.

Let’s understand the importance of PageSpeed and the helpful tools to measure PageSpeed performance. And explore how RabbitLoader can speed up your website as a PageSpeed  optimization service. 

What is PageSpeed and Why PageSpeed optimization is important?

PageSpeed indicates the span of time to load and render the content of the web page on a real user’s browser. In simple words, the time between when a user visits a website and the browser displaying the content of the web page is known as PageSpeed. 


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PageSpeed is essential for your visitor’s first impression, conversion rate, SEO ranikings among others. To provide a better user experience to your visitors, you should strive to optimize your website’s PageSpeed performance. 

The importance of page speed optimization  

By optimizing page speed, you can increase your website’s performance on Google PSI, pass your core web vital assessment, and boost your Search Engine ranking. 

PageSpeed also plays a critical role in the user experience, which may affect your website’s conversion rate.

  • Increase The Conversion Rate
Higher conversion rate

The ultimate goal of most website owners is to achieve a desirable conversion rate. While a slow-loading website can cause a frustrated user or a visitor to loose faith in your brand, optimizing a website’s page speed can significantly increase the conversion rate by enhancing the user experience and average on-page time of your website. 

  • Pass The Core Web Vital Assessment

During your page speed auditing, if your website failed the core web vitals assessment, because of a poor Google PageSpeed Insights score. That could be a setback to your user experience.

Core web vitals assesment passed

By optimizing your initial loading time, visual stability, and user interaction, you can pass the Core Web Vitals Assessment

  • Boost SEO Rankings

In order to increase the organic traffic, you need to improve the Google search rankings. Along with other metrics such as backlinks, domain authority, and site health, Google also considers PageSpeed as an important ranking factor.   

SEO Ranking, Pagespeed Optimization services

Therefore, site speed optimization can give you an edge in the Search Engine Optimization rankings, leading to a boost in your organic traffic.

The 3 helpful tools to measure a website’s PageSpeed performance

Before optimizing the page speed, you need to measure it. There are several page speed optimization tools available online to audit PageSpeed such which helps you understand what needs to be fixed in order to improve the PageSpeed scores.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is the most popular tool among the above-mentioned performance analyzing tools. It was developed by Google to help webmasters adhere to good web development practices. This tool scores your website on a scale from 0 to 100.

Pagespeed Insights Score

Google also sets some values to categorize the PageSpeed score and, based on performance, provides recommendations to improve it. For more information, check our blog: PageSpeed Insights


GT matrix pagespeed score

GTmetrix is the best alternative tool to Google PSI to check the page speed performance of a website. It also recommends how to improve the PageSpeed score. To better understand the GTmetrix report, visit our previous blog: GTmetrix


Pingdom Score

You also can analyze your page speed performance in Pingdom tools. Pingdom identifies your website’s PageSpeed performance issues and also grades them,so you can solve focusing the issue that are draging your PageSpeed score down.  

RabbitLoader As A Site Speed Optimization Service

After measuring the page speed performance, you need to optimize your PageSpeed performance. 

To save time and effort, you can use a PageSpeed optimization tool like RabbitLoader.

RabbitLoader offers a managed version of the services to website owners without a dedicated team to look after their performance optimization needs. 

RabbitLoader team would take care of any tweaking needed for the optimization to keep the website running at a blazing fast pace without any issues.

Let’s see how RabbitLoader optimizes your page speed performance.

  • Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the most effective page speed optimization techniques to optimize a website’s performance, especially if you have a lot of images on your website. 

By losslessly compressing your images, RabbitLoader reduces the image file size without compromising its quality. When you use RabbitLoader, you don’t need to convert images into modern web formats beforehand. RabbitLoader automatically converts all images into nextgen WebP and AVIF formats.  

  • Browser Caching

Browser caching is an optimization technique for temporarily storing a website’s static resources, such as media files, HTML, CSS, and scripting files like JavaScript, in a user’s browser.

RabbitLoader adds a browser caching mechanism to improve the page speed by storing the static content in the browser cache. 

  • Generating Critical CSS

Generating critical CSS is a very powerful page speed optimization technique to boost PageSpeed scores. While most page speed optimization services cannot generate critical CSS, RabbiLoader creates a separate file for your critical CSS. 

To understand how critical CSS would boost your website PageSpeed score please go through our previous blog.

  • CDN

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can improve your page speed by reducing the network latency. A premium Content Delivery Network is integrated in RabbitLoader plugin which has approximately 300+ edge/ proxy servers, improving the page speed performance.

  • Lazy Loading

RabbitLoader implements lazy loading for your below-the-fold content, which is essential for improving the website’s performance, especially if you have an e-commerce website. By doing so, you can instruct the browser to load the above-the-fold content fast. Below-the-fold images can be loaded when a user scrolls down to them.

  • Deferring JavaScript

By deferring JavaScript, RabbitLoader improves the page speed performance by eliminating the render-blocking resources. Therefore, it automatically improves the performance of core web vitals. 

Why should you use RabbitLoader managed services?

If you install RabbitLoader plugin for your website, RabbitLoader will optimize your website’s PageSpeed. 

However, when you use our managed service, RabbitLoader team will monitor the performance of your entire website & take care if any performance related issues arise, and at the end of the month, you will receive a report on your website’s performance from RabbitLoader.

So, if you have a sizable amount of visitors or a fairly large website, you might consider our managed service. It’s more beneficial for those who do not wish to hire an expert or additional talent to optimize their website.


Get The Best PageSpeed Score

For Your WordPress Website

All in One Optimization Plugin
No Coding Knowledge Required