A Case Study Of Pmmodiyojana.in: How to score a perfect 100 on Google PSI Test.

This case study examines the impact of using RabbitLoader on the PageSpeed performance of a pmmodiyojana.in. 

The website is dedicated to promoting awareness of schemes launched by the government of India under the name of its current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. 

Pm Modi Yojona Case Study

As the top non-government website promoting schemes launched for the masses in a heavily populous country, pmmodiyojana.in receives an envious number of pageviews each day.

The Challange:

Prior to implementing the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin the webmaster of the website tried a series of plugins and optimization tools to improve the performance of the website.

But being a website with 4687 pages comes with a new set of challenges because of its scale & the massive amount of traffic it receives each day.

Before installing RabbitLoader, the website’s PageSpeed score was moderate, both in the mobile and desktop versions. However, the webmaster felt a better PageSpeed score might help the website further boost its traffic.

RabbitLoader’s Impact On Pagespeed Performance 

After installing the RabbitLoader plugin on the website it improved the PageSpeed score for the home page almost instantly & over time optimized all 4000 plug pages of the website.


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To better understand the difference, we can check the PageSpeed performance of pmmodiyojana.in before and after optimizing the website by using RabbitLoader.

PageSpeed Score Without RabbitLoader

Let’s see the PageSpeed score of pmmodiyojana.in without implementing RabbitLoader.

 We can still check this website’s Pagespeed score for unoptimized pages by appending ?norl at the end of any URL and adding it to the Google PSI test.

Before using the RabbitLoader the home page of the website didn’t score well in the Google PageSpeed Insights test, achieving only a poor 52 for the mobile version and 70 for the desktop version.

Without RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On Mobile:

Pm Modi Yojona Case Study, Without RL Mobile

Without RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On Desktop:

Without RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On desktop

PageSpeed Score With RabbitLoader

After installing the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin, the mobile version’s page speed score jumped from a moderate 52 to a whopping 95. 

But here’s the kicker: the desktop version’s page Speed score is a perfect 100.

With RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On Mobile:

With RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On mobile

With RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On Desktop:

With RabbitLoader Google PageSpeed Insights Score On Desktop:

As a result, pmmodiyojana.in passes the core web vitals assessment for both mobile and desktop versions.  

Mobile Version:

CWV Pass on Mobile

Desktop Version:

CWV Pass on Desktop

How Did RabbitLoader Help Achieve a Perfect 100 on the PageSpeed Test?

Let’s explore the role of RabbitLoader’s optimization features in order to achieve the perfect PageSpeed score.

Image Optimization:

The pmmodiyojana.in has thousands of images. Therefore, manually optimizing these images would have required a lot of time. RabitLoader automatically optimes all the images in the website by converting them to the images into next-gen formats such as AVIF or WebP formats.  

Image Optimization

By converting images into these two modern Web formats, RabbitLoader reduces the size of the image file without compromising the image quality. This is known as lossless compression.

CSS Optimization:

RabbitLoader optimizes the CSS files with two optimization techniques: CSS minification and generating critical CSS files. 

  • CSS Minification

RabbitLoader removes unnecessary characters such as white spaces, line breaks, and comments and reduces the file size. This minification would help this web page improve its core web vitals performance.

CSS Optimization
  • Generating CSS File

Most optimization tools and plugins do not offer Critical CSS generation, which is a crucial factor if you wish to achieve a PagePeed score above 90.

By generating CSS files for each page of the website, RabbitLoader improved the PageSpeed score of pmmodiyojana.in

In the above image, RabbitLoader optimized the CSS file for 4687 pages. 

Before optimizing the CSS the page size was 163.8 KB. 

After installing RabbitLoader, the pase size became 14.4 KB.RabbitLoader improved the page size by 91% and reduced the average rendering time from 931 ms to just 168.9 ms.

Business Impact of RabbitLoader

Page Views Improvement

Every webmaster’s goal is to improve their key metrics and the bottom line. For pmmodiyojana, the most important metric is pageviews, as it relies upon advertisement as the source of revenue.

Here, you can see the improvement in traffic for the month of May. The page views improvement of almost 50%.

Now, page views and organic traffic depend on many factors, not just the PageSpeed score and the passing of the core web vitals. As a webmaster, you are always guessing what’s working, and improving PageSpeed scores would probably be the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve page views.


When you are optimizing a website that has well over a million visits, almost all the services you would be using would burn a hole in your pocket. 

Using ten different plugins would cost a great deal of money, whereas, with RabbitLoader, you pay only for one tool for all your optimization needs.

RabbitLoader does everything needed for an optimized website, including the following,

  • Browser Caching.
  • Image Optimization.
  • CSS Optimization.
  • Javascript Optimization.
  • Lazy Loading.
  • Compression.
  • Minification.
  • CDN.

Since RabbitLoader doesn’t need coding or an “expert”, you save on any expert or development fee that you have to bear otherwise.


pmmodiyojana.in a website with 1.3 million pageviews a month improved its PageSpeed from from 70 to a perfect 100 for the desktop & 52 to 95 for the mobile version by installing the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin and increasing the page view from  40-45 thousand to 60-65 thousand a day.

Try RabbitLoader for free now.


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