Improving PageSpeed Performance Of WordPress Website: A Case Study Of Lifetimo.Com

This case study examines the impact of the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin on the website, we would explore the performance & business-related improvements achieved by after using RabbitLoader.

Case study of is a leading online platform with 6000+ pages that offers subscription-based software tools to their users.

The Challenges

One of the challenges any website of its size faces is to achieve a desirable PageSpeed score, especially when you are dealing with high resolution images & thousands of pages.

Before optimizing the website with the RabbitLoader, it failed the PageSpeed test for the mobile version and only managed to achieve a moderate score for the desktop version. 

The Improvement of PageSpeed Score After Using RabbitLoader 

After installing RabbitLoader for the website’s PageSpeed optimization, it optimized all its 6000+ pages and improved the PageSpeed Insights score as well as the performance of the core web vitals metrics of 


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For a better understanding of the improvements made by RabbitLoader, we checked the home page of before and after installing the RabbiLoader plugin. 

Pagespeed Score Before Installing RabbitLoader

Before optimizing the website with RabbitLoader, the PageSpeed score was poor for mobile mode. only scored a poultry 36 out of 100. As per Google PageSpeed guidelines. a website with below 50 scores would be considered a failure in the Google PSI test. 

Without RL Mobile performance score

If you wish to check the performance of the unoptimized version of the website, enter in the Google PageSpeed insights.

The PageSpeed score for the desktop version was comparatively better, but it just fell short of receiving the pass marks in google PSI 88 out of 100. 

Without RL Desktop performance score

PageSpeed Score After Installing RabbitLoader

After optimizing the PageSpeed performance of the website with RabbitLoader, the mobile score jumped to 97 out of 100, which is a huge improvement considering the unoptimized version was scoring just 36.  

With RL Mobile page4speed performance score

Finally, RabbitLoader is able to achieve a near-perfect score for the desktop version which is 99 out of 100.

With RL Desktop pagespeed performance score

Let’s see a quick comparison table of the website’s performance metrics before and after optimizing it with RabbitLoader.

For the Mobile Version:

Performance metricsBefore optimizationAfter optimization 
First Contentful Paint 4.5 Seconds 2.0 Seconds 
Largest Contentful Paint10.5 Seconds 2.0 Seconds
Total Blocking Time640 Milliseconds 0 Milliseconds
Cumulative Layout Shift0.1370
Speed Index11.0 Seconds2.7 Seconds

For the Desktop Version:

Performance metricsBefore optimization After optimization 
First Contentful Paint 0.9 Seconds0.5 Seconds
Largest Contentful Paint1.2 Seconds0.5 Seconds
Total Blocking Time0 Milliseconds0 Milliseconds
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0190
Speed Index3.5 Seconds 1.2 Seconds 

How did RabbitLoader Help Achieve a Near-Perfect Score on the PageSpeed Test?

Let’s explore how RabbitLoader optimized the website in order to achieve a near-perfect PageSpeed score in Google PageSpeed Insights and help deliver a seamless user experience.

Image Optimization

Adding thousands of images to typically slows down the PageSpeed performance. Manually optimizing these images one by one is practically impossible.

lifetimo image optimization

After installing RabbitLoader, it automatically optimized all the images by converting them into Next-gen Formats such as AVIF or WebP.  

CSS Optimization

RabbitLoader optimizes the CSS file with three strategies which include CSS minification, unused CSS removal, and critical CSS generation. 

  • CSS Minification

By removing the line breaks, white space, and extra comments from CSS stylesheets  RabbitLoader reduces the total page size, improving the performance of the core web vitals. 

  • Remove unused CSS

Many CSS rules may be defined in stylesheets but not utilized in the website’s design. This type of CSS rule is known as unused CSS and is responsible for increasing the loading time. 

Case study Lifetimo reduce unused css

RabbitLoader removed the unused CSS that are not necessary for, from the optimized version version of the webpages, vehicle the actual css files remain the same in the origin server or the hosting account.

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  • Generate critical CSS

Generating critical CSS is one of the most important techniques for a website’s PageSpeed optimization. While most optimization tools aren’t not capable of the same, RabbitLoader generates a separate file for critical CSS.

By generating critical CSS for 6000+ web pages of, RabbitLoader is able to achieve this near perfect PageSpeed performance score in Google PSI.

Let’s see a quick comparison table of the improvement before and after optimizing the CSS file with RabbitLoader. 

CSS file size1.8 MB70.5 kb
Average rendering time8931.4 ms436.4 ms

Business Impact Of Using RabbitLoader

Cost Effectiveness 

Using ten different WordPress plugins to implement all the necessary performance optimization would cost a considerable amount of money for a website of this size.

By using RabbitLoader just needed to pay for only one optimization tool. Allowing them to save the investment & use it for other promotional purposes.

A lot of WordPress websites use different plugins for a single performance related optimization feature that end up making the website heave & create conflicts which can actually lead to a decrease in the PageSpeed performance. 

RabbitLoader does everything a website need for performance optimization, here a list of the optimization techniques RabbitLoader implemented on to help it improve google PSI & pass the Core Web Vital test.

  • Convert all images into WebP and AVIF format.
  • Lazy Load below-the-fold images.
  • Create a separate file for critical CSS.
  • Minify the scripting file and stylesheets.
  • Reduce network latency by using it’s Premium CDN.
  • Implement an advanced browser caching mechanism.
  • Defer the non-critical JavaScript function.

Another advantage of RabbitLoader is that it does not demand any technical expertise. Therefore, it would also save the web development cost.  

Page Views Improvement

Increasing the PageSpeed performance of most probably had an impact of its organic ranking and the traffic. 

While the increase in traffic cannot be solely credited to PageSpeed related improvements, the boost in Google PSI score did significantly help improve the organic traffic of the website. 

Here is the traffic graph of from SEMRush shows you the improvement in the traffic, that is from 742 in July 2023 to almost 3k by the end of March 2024.

Organic traffic on semrush

Result Overview is a leading platform for software tools with 3K page views (according to SEMRush data). 

Before using RabbitLoader, the PageSpeed score was poor for the mobile version it was only 36 out of 100, and for the desktop version, it was a respectable 88 out of 100. 

RabbitLoader managed to increase this PageSpeed score to a near-perfect score for both versions. The mobile version’s PageSpeed score became 97, and the desktop version’s score became 99. 

During the period used the RabbitLoader plugins their traffic increased to 3K from  just 742 previously. 

If you are also struggling with a poor score, optimize your website’s PageSpeed performance with RabbitLoader now.


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