Default cache strategy and overrides

Since RabbitLoader uses optimization and integrated caching with CDN, there are some default cache strategies in place for various resource types. CSS and JavaScript caching behavior All CSS and JavaScript files are cached on CDN servers indefinitely, a practice commonly referred to as immutable caching. The cached content remains static unless there’s a modification in […]

Exclude some URLs from being cached

RabbitLoader optimizes and caches all publicly accessible URLs of your website to speed up page loading. There are some built-in exceptions, for example – cart and checkout pages can not be cached obviously because these pages are dynamic and vary for every user. Similarly, when a user is logged in, or there are some items […]

Ignoring URL parameters from caching key

When you run ad campaigns or try to track visitors from different sources, URL parameters come in handy. Many analytics services such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads append multiple parameters to the URL to track visitors and collect the efficacy of ad campaigns. While the data collections for analytics happen in the visitor’s browsers, […]

Purging cache from WordPress plugin

Based on the page rules configured for a website, the website’s content is cached at various geographically distributed CDN locations to improve page load times and increase the global availability of content. When you place a purge request, contents from all CDN locations are discarded, and optimized copies of the HTML pages are also wiped […]