Core Web Vitals failing even after using RabbitLoader

Some website owners see the Core Web Vital report failing in the Google Search Console (GSC) even after using RabbitLoader. This guide will discuss multiple factors affecting Core Web Vitals that are beyond the scope of RabbitLoader service. What is the Core Web Vitals report? The Core Web Vitals report shows how your pages perform […]

Fluctuations in PageSpeed performance score

You may observe a certain time when the PageSpeed score is low, and a few minutes later it is again shining. This problem can occur mostly on the home page of the website, but the underlying cause can be on other pages of the website too. There are a few reasons why this may happen […]

I see new errors that were not before

Rabbit Loader modifies the webpage’s original HTML structure before serving to the visitor to tune resource loading and boost PageSpeed score by improving Core Web Vitals. Though our algorithm is sophisticatedly designed to be compatible with existing components of the website, modifying the original HTML can raise new issues that were not there before. In […]

Slow warm-up on a WordPress website

It could be possible that after installing the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin, it is taking longer than expected to discover, optimize and increase the PageSpeed score of your website. If you see a slow warm-up on your WordPress website, please follow the below checklist- Free plan limitations Since the free plan is meant for evaluation purposes […]

Troubleshooting low PageSpeed score

There are a few simple setup steps needed which will help you to achieve the lowest page load time using Rabbit Loader for your page possible. This guide is also helpful in analyzing the low SpeedScore issues on the tools like PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. Make sure the cache exists for a page The first thing to […]

WordPress plugin activation errors

RabbitLoader performs a few checks before you can connect the plugin to the cloud account. In case of conflicts are detected, they need to be fixed before continuing. We have collected some common errors you may see, and have suggested steps to fix them. ‘WP Super Cache’ false warning You may encounter a warning to […]