Getting Started

RabbitLoader IP address for whitelisting

RabbitLoader servers connect to your origin hosting server to optimize webpages and boost the website loading speed and improve Core Web Vitals. There are some known services such as Cloudflare, Imperva, Wordfence Security, etc which can prevent such connection attempts made to the origin restricting RabbitLoader services. While such software is intended to block bad […]

Setting up Page Rules to tune the performance

By creating a “Page Rule” you can control the performance behavior for pages of your website. Page Rules help you to configure optimization features for different sections of your website based on what is best for that segment, for example, public-facing pages and admin panel. The rule is applied based on the URL pattern you […]

Trying Rabbit Loader on a staging environment

Before trying out the plugin on your production website, it’s a good idea to try it in pre-production aka staging environment. Doing this reinforces confidence in the system especially when you have a number of other plugins installed on your website or there are extensive customizations done on top of the default CMS offerings. Rabbit […]