Delegate dashboard access to other users

When working with a team, it’s important that key people have access to the dashboard and can manage settings when required. RabbitLoader provides a “Delegate Access” feature to share access of a registered to other team members.

To add your teammates, navigate to RabbitLoader dashboard -> Settings -> Delegate Access.


Add email and access level to grant access.

Once the shared access is provided here, the other person can log in to the dashboard with their email and can access the domain details.

Access Levels

  • Admin- The user will be added as an admin and can add/remove other users. Users with this access level can do all other actions which a owner can do.
  • Restricted- The user can access all details of the domain, can update settings but can not manage users of the domain. Restricted users are allowed to add or change payment plan for the domain they have access.

Delegate access can be done per-domain basis only. The active domain can be selected from top left corner of the screen.