Move a website to another account

While our users can delegate the dashboard and all controls for a website to other users, there could be a need to move the already registered website to a different account.

The website can be moved and re-registration is possible from the RabbitLoader console by following the below steps-

Disconnect the WordPress plugin

This step is applicable to WordPress users.

If you are using the WordPress plugin, go to the RabbitLoader plugin page -> Settings tab. Click the Disconnect button. This step can be ignored if the plugin is already disconnected or uninstalled.


Remove the website from the current account

Log in to the Console with the first email where the website is registered. Navigate to Action->Delete menu.


Continue with the confirmation and complete the next steps.

Logout from the Console

Once the website is deleted, please log out from the console. Logging out is important.

Log in with the second email

Now login to the console again with the second email, this is the target account where you want to keep your website finally.

Activate the WordPress plugin

Go to the WordPress plugin page again and connect the plugin again. The website will now be moved to the new account.