Slow warm-up on a WordPress website

It could be possible that after installing the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin, it is taking longer than expected to discover, optimize and increase the PageSpeed score of your website. If you see a slow warm-up on your WordPress website, please follow the below checklist-

Free plan limitations

Since the free plan is meant for evaluation purposes or websites with small usage, if you are on a free plan and have more than 500 pages on your website, the optimization rate may be throttled depending on resources availability.

For more details check RabbitLoader plans and features available.

Conflicting plugins and services

WordPress is designed to have only one caching plugin working at a time. RabbitLoader uses caching to store the optimized version of the page until content changes and re-optimizes the page again. If there are any other cache plugins installed on your website, you need to disable them. As there are a number of such plugins available, it’s not possible to name them here.


Services like Cloudflare can also slow down the RabbitLoader process due to how they are designed to work. Make sure you turn off Cloudflare optimizations and follow recommended settings for Cloudflare when using RabbitLoader for better performance.


Incapsula (now Imperva) can block communication of RabbitLoader servers with your origin server. This can block all optimization processes offered by us. Please check this guide for required settings when using Imperva.

Hosting settings

It could be possible that you might not have installed any such plugin explained above yourself, but they come by default from your host. If so, please check with your host to disable the plugin or configure the settings.


Make sure your sitemap is discoverable from robots.txt file. If a sitemap is available, we use it to quickly detect all pages on your website to generate the optimized copy proactively. A robots.txt file also helps search engines to discover and crawl your pages faster.

Once these settings are updated, please purge the cache from the RabbitLoader panel and wait for a few hours to see the results.