Account and Profile

Deleting your profile and associated data

Data added by you, such as domains you have added under your account can be deleted whenever you like. If you wish to remove your personally identifiable information stored with us, you can do it yourself by following the steps mentioned in this document. Please note that when we receive such request either upon your […]

Move a website to another account

While our users can delegate the dashboard and all controls for a website to other users, there could be a need to move the already registered website to a different account. The website can be moved and re-registration is possible from the RabbitLoader console by following the below steps- Disconnect the WordPress plugin This step […]

Share console access with team members

When working with a team, it’s important that key people have access to the dashboard and can manage settings when required. RabbitLoader provides a delegate access feature to share access of a registered to other team members. To add your teammates, navigate to RabbitLoader dashboard -> Settings -> Team Members. Add email and access level […]