RabbitLoader IP address for whitelisting

RabbitLoader servers connect to your origin hosting server to optimize webpages and boost the website loading speed and improve Core Web Vitals. There are some known services such as Cloudflare, Imperva, Sucuri Web Firewall, Wordfence Security, etc which can prevent such connection attempts made to the origin restricting RabbitLoader services.

While such software is intended to block bad traffic and bots, they can block even good bots if the IP addresses are unknown to their system. To avoid such issues, RabbitLoader recommends getting our IPs whitelisted.

IP Address for whitelisting

You may ask your hosting service to whitelist the below IPs/CIDR-

  • IPv6 – 2406:da18:837:2200::/64
  • IPv4 – and
RabbitLoader IPs to be whitelisted

Ports: Most of our users need to set any specific port because RabbitLoader uses standard ports – 80 and 443.

How to whitelist IP Address

Whitelisting or Allowlisting depends on the services you use. Below are instructions for a few services, if your hosting company is missing here, you can contact their support team to do it for you.

  1. Cloudflare
  2. CSF plugin used by Namecheap hosting
  3. Imperva (Incapsula)
  4. Sucuri Website Firewall
  5. TMD Hosting
  6. Wordfence Security