How the CDN bandwidth is counted towards the usage quota?

In this article, we will cover when the site visits are counted towards the integrated Rabbit Loader CDN bandwidth quota. We will be considering the possible scenarios in which the traffic comes to a website and how a user interacts.

Website Traffic

Site Admins

When you are logged in as a site admin, your access will NOT be counted towards the Rabbit Loader plan’s usage quota. This includes-

  • Access to the WordPress admin panel irrespective of the role susch as adminstrator, editor, author, contributor or subscriber
  • Visit to any page of your website where you see admin-bar on top of the page, it indicates you are logged in.

Anonymous Visitors

Anonymous visitors are those who are not logged in to your website. Usually, they may come from search engine results, marketing campaigns, or trying to access the website from an incognito or private browser window. No matter how they land on your page, the optimized version of the webpage is served to the visitor and here the CDN resources are consumed when serving the assets of the page. This is counted towards the usage quota.

This category also includes pages loaded by some of the monitoring services like Google PageSpeed tool, GTmetrix, or Pingdom.

Good Bots and Bad Bots

Bots are responsible for most of the web traffic trying to crawl the content and extract information. While most bots fetch only HTML content to understand the matter and extract keywords, and not the JS/CSS assets as they have no interest in the website’s appearance. These bots do not add to your billing quota.

However, there are content scraping programs that run in an automated way on headless browsers and to really see what is being served to the user and grab the visible content. They load all assets including images and JS/CSS files and can add to your billing if their frequency is too high.

What happens if the quota is consumed?

CDN is an integral part of PageSpeed optimization we provide along with other components. Hence, once the quota is consumed, the optimization service gets paused for the current monthly cycle. This is done otherwise the plugin will fail to solve its purpose. When the monthly cycle is over, the bandwidth quota is reset for the next cycle.

If the quota is exhausted for a website, it will continue to work as it used to be without Rabbit Loader optimizations.